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Transcript Request


  1. There is a minimum preparation period of 5 working days. During peak periods (January, April, May, August, September), allow 12 working days. RUSH service may be available at any time at additional cost but is not guaranteed.
  2. Transcripts will not be released until financial obligations to the University have been met. Please check with Student Financial Services to make sure your account is in good order before submitting a transcript request.
  3. If you completed courses through the Bachelor of Education program or any other Union College courses on the Burman (formerly CUC) campus, you will need to request your Union College transcript here.

Burman University is now part of the MyCreds academic credential distribution system. This system is different from the conventional transcript request service. MyCreds is an electronic delivery system. From it you send a secure, tamper-proof digital copy of documents. YOU choose how and when your academic documents are sent to others. This is how the system works at Burman.

  1. Fill out the Transcript Request form
    • Once we receive your request, Registrar Services will contact Student Financial Services. After financial clearance is given, we will upload your most recent transcript to MyCreds.
  2. You will be sent a notification to the email specified in your transcript request that your document has been uploaded to MyCreds.
  3. The email will contain a link to direct you to MyCreds.
    • You will create your account and login.
  4. From your “digital wallet” you can choose who to send your transcript to. YOU MUST DO THIS. Requesting a transcript from Burman ONLY uploads it to MyCreds. You are the one who controls distribution.
    • You can enter an email address of the person/organization you want to send the document to, or
    • You may choose from a drop-down list of schools/organizations that have an association with MyCreds and send it directly to them.
    • You can do this as many times as you like. Once your transcript is in your digital wallet you do not have to request a transcript ever again from Registrar Services unless you want an updated transcript sent to your digital wallet.

If for some reason you require a paper transcript, you will need to indicate that on the Transcript Request Form.

There are charges for rush delivery (either through MyCreds or paper) and courier services.


MyCreds "How To" videos (YouTube)


Please call Registrar Services at (403) 782-3381 x. 4026 or email